Tejas provides security solutions. Tejas has amongst its consultants those who have high academic  qualifications , also certified in  their respective areas of specialization apart from hands on industry  experience.

At the operational level, Tejas would perform the following, using appropriate tools:

At the operational level, Tejas would perform the following:

        Risk Analysis
        Risk Identification

        Vulnerability Assessment

        Penetration Testing
        Risk Mitigation Solutions

        Information Security Auditing

        Information Assurance Services

  Tejas Consultants include:

        CISCO Certified Network Associates

        Microsoft Certified Engineers

        Certified Ethical Hackers

 Our experience in evaluating security concerns in a network includes also specific areas of  concerns in Internet Banking. Our approach is in line with the Reserve Bank Guidelines, more  specifically with respect to Internet Banking and other working group recommendations of the  Reserve Bank of India.

Our expert consultants are experienced in using appropriate network security evaluation tools
and provide guidance for appropriate controls.


Operating Systems

Tejas Consultants keep themselves constantly updated with the latest concerns of security in different  operating systems. Our knowledge and experience, in evaluating the security settings and assuring the  client with an operating systems free of security holes.

Database Management


Tejas evaluates the controls to take care of the security concerns in the different database mana- gement software packages
like Oracle, Sybase, Ingress, etc., and their different versions.

Product Certification


Product developers prefer to have their products certified for functionality compliance apart from  security standards compliance.

Tejas as part of their professional service, at the request of third parties, test the products to ensure that

      Functionality complies with Business Process Objectives

      Access Controls are in line with the security Policy

      Input, Process and Output Controls are adequate

Tejas also verifies the documentation to ensure that adherence to standards are maintained.

After verifying all of the above by the Tejas’s experienced consultants, the product is endorsed for proper  functioning and presence
of appropriate controls. 

Enterprise Resource Planning


Tejas has expertise and experience to evaluate and implement access controls, system integrity  controls, process controls, application controls, data entry controls, compensating controls and  generally addressing control issues connected with ERP implementation. They have the skill set  and experience to audit an ERP implementation with a view to address security concerns.



Tejas firmly believes that the success of Information Technology driven businesses need the best of  human talents. To assist the Organizations to constantly update and upgrade their employees’ skill  sets relevant to the current business environments,
Programs and Workshops are organized which 
Programs for specific professional groups like Bankers, Insurance Employees and other Corporates.

These programs cover specific functionalities in the appropriate technology currently in use. Tejas pays  special attention to specific guidelines. At the request of the Reserve Bank of India, Tejas conducted at  the Reserve Bank Staff College, a program for the senior RBI Officers of the Department of Banking  Supervision, which was greatly commended.

Programs are conducted in the area of Information Systems Audit and Controls for professional bodies  and professional
certification exams.